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Scratch Play Meow

ScratchLadder: Seriously Grey Catnip Cushion, Brown Carpet, Sisal Carpet

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Give your cat the ultimate scratching experience!

This ScratchLadder® comes with 3 replaceable panels* that will keep your cat entertained for hours while saving your carpet and furniture from total destruction.    

  • Seriously Grey Catnip Cushion Panel: Rugged, durable, understated. The unassuming Seriously Grey panel will have your cat scratching all day long. (Polyfil and catnip covered in fabric.)

  • Brown Carpet Panel: Medium height fibers, soft, durable, comfortable. The Brown Carpet Panel is one your cat can really sink its claws into.

  • Sisal Carpet Panel: Tightly woven, extra durable, dependable. The Sisal panel won’t give into your cat’s claws, but will give them the satisfaction they crave.


Dimensions: 22.25" tall, 16" deep, 14.75" wide 

*Additional panels sold separately.