Cats like to scratch so we made panels just for that.

Cats can be particular about what they like to scratch. That’s why we created ScratchLadder®. It’s a multi-surface system with interchangeable panels. You can customize your ScratchLadder® to create the right combination of scratching surfaces your cat enjoys.

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Scratchladder in action!

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Red Velvet Catnip Cushion Panel
Milo's Magnificent Catnip Spray (4 oz.)

They LOVE Milo's Magnificent Catnip Spray!

  • Laurel H.

    “My cat absolutely loves the ScratchLadder. She is a vertical scratcher and prior to the ScratchLadder she was scratching my drapes, towels, side of my bed and couch. Well not anymore. Thank you for creating this product. It's a winner in my cat's book as well as mine. If you are on the fence about purchasing this product. You won't be disappointed.”

  • Amanda G.

    “Wow the shipping was lightening fast! Our cat loves scratching on any type of carpet (never furniture, luckily). She ran right to this as soon as we unpacked it and was scratching and investigating all the different materials. Five stars definitely, totally worth it.”

  • Susan S.

    “My cat absolutely loves this scratcher! It’s held up well after a few months of her intense scratching and she’s moved on to the other boards as well. If you have a cat who will not stop destroying carpet, then I highly recommend this product! Plus, it looks great and the wood is really smooth (no splinters for my cat and I)!”

  • Karen

    I absolutely love this cat scratcher! Great, sturdy, kitty-safe construction. So smart to make the sections easily replaceable / customizable! Plus, I love that this company works with Pine Ridge Industries. Many thanks to Jeff for his help ordering--and for saving my furniture from kitty claws!

  • blithe285

    Oh my gosh, this piece is a HUGE win!! My cats *immediately* loved it—even my 20 year old, more low-energy cat went all out with it (black kitty in attached photo)!

    What I really love about this is that all of the modular components are easily replaceable and swappable. It's so customizable, and when your kitty tears through their favorite layer, you can just replace that one part instead of the whole piece. Literally every piece of cat furniture should be like this...

    The modular bits are also really stable. My cats go hard on it, and haven't pulled it off or loosened it.

    I was also able to ask the seller for a grey fabric instead of the colorful fabric pictured, and the seller was super accomodating! Easy peasy.

    I selfishly hope this seller stays around Etsy for a while, because I want to keep buying from them lol

  • Alex

    I was skeptical when I pulled this out of the box- the wood was less solid and it was lighter than expected. I have 4 cats and bought this for my cat who has an affinity for scratching wood. In typical cat fashion, the other 3 were interested in it right away. 5 days later, the wood scratcher just scratched it for the first time, so I’m hopeful it will serve its intended purpose. Even if he doesn’t use it though, the other cats love it.

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