Our Story

Scratch Play Meow designs creative playful products that protect your home while encouraging your cat to embrace their natural behavior.  

ScratchLadder®, our first product to hit the market, was inspired by our furry little feline, Milo Fwancis. Milo is a lover. He loves to be around people, he loves to be snuggled and he absolutely loves to scratch wood!

After destroying wood cabinets, wood bed frames, wood tables and more, we created wood ladders and placed them in all the common areas he likes to scratch. Milo liked it so much we decided to add a variety of panels and make ScratchLadder® available to anyone who has a cat who likes to scratch.

Our Partnership with Pine Ridge Industries

ScratchLadder® is assembled and shipped to you by Pine Ridge Industries located in Schenectady, NY.  At Pine Ridge, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are given the opportunity to try a variety of job tasks while developing the soft skills needed for success in any work setting. 

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