10 of The Most Lovely Different Types of Cats

10 of The Most Lovely Different Types of Cats

Hi everyone! It’s me again - Milo Fwancis, your favorite feline friend. Today I am going to share my favorite types of cats. Although we all know that Maine Coons are the best breed, the other ones are pretty cool too. There are so many different types of cats in our world and you better believe we are all absolutely purr-fect. We come in all shapes and sizes, which makes us even more fun, in my opinion. I’m going to share with you some details outlining specific cat breeds and also big cats in the wild.

10 Different Types of Cats

 1. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

The first cat I am going to share today is the Siamese cat! They are such pretty creatures and many have striking blue eyes. If you are a pet parent, you probably already know that cats can be extremely vocal depending on their personality. This is pretty much the case for all Siamese cats.

They will have full conversations with you (in meow-form of course) and will keep you company in more ways than one! They generally are talkative and want to be near their humans as much as possible. Siamese cats originally came from Thailand and were often associated with royal families. This is because it was believed that when someone in the royal family passed on, a Siamese cat would be given their soul. That’s pretty paw-some if you ask me!

2. Maine Coon

Milo Fwancis

Milo Fwancis, Chief Scratching Officer at Scratch Play Meow

It’s possible that I could be a little biased, but Maine Coons are truly one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world! It’s also a pure coincidence that I am also a Maine Coon cat myself. One of the many things that set us apart from other breeds is our incredibly gorgeous coats. We have a shaggy, silky, and thick coat. This may require a little more maintenance than other cat breeds, but it’s worth it. My human, Jeff, agrees with me on this one. Another great thing about Maine Coons, is we are very affectionate towards our fur-ever family. We generally get along well with children, other pets and are pretty friendly in general. We also love to play and move around! Read more about me here.

3. Panthera


Oftentimes when humans think of different types of cats their minds go straight to house cats, like me! But did you know there is also a group of felines called Panthera, or big cats. Big cats are the ones you see at the zoo or in a safari. These are lions, tigers, and leopards - oh my! These cats can get a bad rep because they are so big and can scare off predators with their roars.

The main thing that makes us house cats different from these big cats is the sounds we make. Cats like me make a very sweet and therapeutic purr. Just ask my human, Jeff! He loves my meows. On the other hand, big cats make a pretty loud roar. These animals can typically be found in the wild, in a zoo, or some kind of rescue for big cats. Over the years, these cats have been used for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, in these cases, they can sometimes be mistreated within this industry. A look into these issues can be seen in Netflix’s popular documentary, Tiger King. All cats should be protected and treated well, regardless of our size!

4. Calico


Calico cats are one of the most common breeds that you see as pets or in shelters. One of the most interesting facts about calicos is that they are usually always females. There are some exceptions to this, but in general, calicos run on Girl Power. :-p Their coats are generally made up of white, black, and orange fur, and they are known for their tortoiseshell fur and somewhat sassy personalities. Talk about cat-titude, am I right? These cats are also known to bring luck to whoever is near them. Calicos were originally dependents of Egypt and then were slowly spread out throughout the world. Calicos are technically not a breed, but rather a coat color description.

5. Persian

Persian Cat

If you’ve ever seen a Persian cat, they remind me of pugs because they have the same smushed-in faces. Because of this structure, their faces also look pretty flat. Their fur is long and beautiful. These cats originally came from Iran. That sounds like too long of a walk for me.

6. Bengal


Bengal cats resemble those big cats I mentioned earlier. Their coats look similar to a leopard. But don’t worry, they’re still house cats. You won't have to be concerned about any mid-night snack hunting.

7. Sphynx


Sphynx cats are known for their “naked” appearance. Of course, they are not actually naked - get your head out of the gutter! They just are hairless. This breed is a great option if you are worried about shedding or someone in the house has allergies.

8. Munchkin


Munchkin cats are known for their short legs, which they were actually bred to have. One of the most prominent differences between these types of cats and others is they cannot jump on counters or other high furniture like other cats. However if you do have a problem with your kitty on your counters, check out my post here for tips to get them to stop.

9. Ragdoll


Rag doll cats are named this because they often resemble the children’s toy. This may seem a little weird, but what I mean by this is they tend to let you pick them up however you please. They are usually grey with pretty, blue eyes!

10. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats have relatively short coats – crazy, right?! They are known for their somewhat round and short ears. These are the cats that resemble what you picture as the common cat.

Almost all cat breeds, from A to Z, will provide similar affection towards their humans and there are so many different types of beautiful cats to choose from. Some of them cannot be kept as pets, for obvious reasons. I wonder what my human, Jeff, would think of us having a pet tiger in our house.

If you are considering adding a furry friend to your family, make sure you do the appropriate research to find the best breed for you. There are websites such as Pet Finder,  that allow you compare specific traits about each cat’s breed. Of course, every cat is unique and special. But these guidelines can make sure that you find the best match for you. I guarantee that whichever breed you choose, you will be paws-easantly surprised with what wonderful companion all cats can make.

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